Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Learn the best way to stay away from injury

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is one of the best ways to improve mobility of the fascia. Discover my favorite foam rolling moves that have helped me stay injury free.

What Exactly Is Your Core?

Learn all about how to turn on your core and the 4 main muscles that make up your core. These muscles are usually weaker with low back pain and hip pain.

Top 12 Best Tips to Prevent Runner’s Knee

After treating many runner’s, I realized there was a pattern to injury prevention. Here are my top 12 best pieces of advice to avoid knee pain while running.

Work From Home Guide

Improve your desk ergonomics and get rid of pain at the end of your workday. 39 pages to fix your posture at your desk job and improve your strength. This guide will help decrease your low back, neck, and shoulder pain throughout the day.