Meet Lisa

Hello! I am so happy to have you visit Running With Goldens. I am Lisa- a dark chocolate addict, golden retriever lover, and physical therapist. When I am not playing with my pup, I am out pounding pavement, drinking beer at local breweries, hiking and napping.

I started this blog after reading a lot of inaccurate articles and comments on facebook. I realized people are going to get injured if they follow through and not understand the why. My goal is help you with understand your injuries and prevent pain in order to achieve your goals.

I graduated from physical therapy school in 2018 with a doctorate in PT. While in school, I became Functional Movement Screening Certified to increase my knowledge for movement patterns and how to fix them without turning to medication. I have a passion for helping others, especially through movement and exercise.

I obviously have to introduce my dog, the mascot behind the blog. His name is Griffin and he is a year and a half old golden retriever. He follows me all around the house, watches me workout, takes me on long walks, and sleeps besides me. His favorite things are his pig, 9pm bed times, and swimming. He makes a pretty great running partner.

After being injured when I trained for a half marathon, I took months off and was very frustrated from the set back. I was able to rehab myself after understanding the source of the pain and came out a stronger and faster runner. Utilizing movement patterns seen from patients I have treated, I realized the importance of injury prevention in runners since there is such a high rate of injury. Therefore, I created custom strength training programs for runners to prevent injury, allowing them to achieve their goals. Injury prevention could save hundreds and thousands of runners to stay on track for their PR instead of sitting on the side lines, like I did.

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Lisa PT, DPT

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