Runners Complete Program

Runners Complete Program

“A great runner prioritizes injury prevention and strength training into their routine, just as much as running itself. The 4 main components of a runner’s weekly routine include mobility training, cardio, stretching, and strength training. Without one, you are cheating yourself from becoming the best athlete you can be.”

My Story

When I was training for my first half marathon 2 years ago, all I did was run. I thought I was following a great training plan, as it was recommended to me by a running group . I felt on top of the world with my runner’s high as I increased my mileage. One month into training, I ended up injuring my knee. I tried everything to quickly make the pain go away and nothing seemed to help.

Fast forward a couple weeks as I whipped through my physical therapy school notes and realized I wasn’t going to be able to run the half marathon. Something better came out of it- I rehabbed myself to become a stronger and faster runner. I focused on the right kind of strength training geared towards running, picking up on patterns of runner’s injuries and what muscles were weak compared to strong in injured runners. I realized I was strength training completely wrong and mobility was a key component missing from my routine. Now I am running an average 9 minute mile, feel stronger at the end of my runs, and haven’t had an injury since.

Runner’s Complete Program

Stretch this, strengthen this, try these running drills, take a rest day… the list goes on and on and its easy to become overwhelmed. That is where the Runner’s Complete Program comes in. Designed by a physical therapist, this program offers runners a safe way to prevent common injuries such as achilles tendonitis, shin splints, low back pain, runner’s knee and hip bursitis, while getting stronger and faster. Lisa is a musculoskeletal expert, understanding movement patterns in injured and non injured runners and therefore was able to create a program for all runners.

The Runner’s Complete Program is designed for those who run throughout the week with one to two rest days incorporated, depending on your schedule. Each week you will be going through mobility training, stretching, cardio and strength training. This program is designed for those who want to prevent future injuries, run faster and feel stronger, and prepare the body for the impact that occurs while running.

Equipment Needed

What does each week look like?

Each week you will be assigned 3 strength training programs and 3 mobility programs on a custom app. This is a very flexible program to fit your schedule, as you choose when you will be performing each. I alternate running and strength training days, while fitting in the mobility section throughout the week at night. There is not right or wrong way to do it, as you have to focus on are your runs and the rest is laid out for you. The workouts walk you through with videos for each exercise and dumbbell weight recommendation. Each exercise has a purpose to improve strength, joint health, core, and mobility, as it uses functional exercises that won’t leave you too sore to run the next day, but will push you to be a better runner.

After filling out the information below, Lisa will be emailing you shortly with an invoice for $35/month for full access to the program. Once completed, another email will help you register for the custom app to start the program.

Disclaimer: No Returns, Cannot guarantee injury free running (nobody can!)

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